How to Mount a Starlink High Performance Dish to Your Building – A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, I’m super excited to share with you a much-needed guide on mounting a Starlink High Performance Dish to the side of your building – all without the worry of damaging your precious roof. This is for all of you who, like me, are searching for a sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective solution. So, let’s dive right in! What You’ll Need: Getting Started: Location, Location, Location Before anything else, it’s crucial to find the perfect spot for your Starlink dish. You’re aiming for a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. In my case, facing north was the key, but this might vary based on your location. The Starlink App comes in handy here, offering a neat tool to help pinpoint the ideal installation spot. Step-by-Step Installation: Enjoy Your High-Speed Connection! Once everything is set up, you’re ready to enjoy the blazing-fast internet speeds that Starlink offers. This setup not only guarantees a robust connection but also protects your roof from any potential damage. I hope this guide helps you in your Starlink journey. If you’ve got any questions or additional tips, feel free to drop them in the comments. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Computer Cleaning Service Guide

For most people, a personal computer is an expensive tool vital to their life — most of the time, these devices sit and do their jobs without intervention. But computers do require maintenance. At least once per year, the computer should be opened up and cleaned. Dirt and dust tend to damage the personal computer if not adequately cleaned. Sometimes, these computers only require light cleaning, but it is recommended for tough jobs to employ an expert computer cleaning service provider. Why Should You Clean Your Computer? The primary reason for having a personal computer cleaned is that dust and debris buildup in heatsinks, fans, and cooling ducts which reduces airflow and causes the computer’s internals to overheat. The person cleaning the computer must open up the case to access these parts, which can damage the components or cause electric shock. Because of this, the person cleaning the device must be very cautious since the computers can remain energized even after unplugging.  Without your computer receiving a proper cleaning service, the computer can act erratically; issues like random restarts, sluggish loading, and freezing are common issues caused by a dirty PC. Also, there are various methods that everyone should utilize, up to the anti-software that is of high performance. On the other hand, many people disregard the simple detail that the personal computer, similar to every piece of equipment at home, must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning it and the components will maintain the personal computer function and from spreading bacteria …

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What to Do If You Don’t Have Cell Services In Your Home

A user asked this question, “I am in an area that does not receive cell service I have a modem it belongs to my Internet provider then I bought a Wi-Fi router. I still do not have service to use my phone will I need an extender I need to have cell phone service at my home” Answer: You Need to Enable WiFi Calling On Your Phone Wifi Calling is when your phone uses your WiFi network instead of cell towers. In 2021, every US-based carrier offers some version of WiFi calling. WiFi calling is superior in many cases than using a cell network because the signals from WiFi are much closer than a cell tower. This is especially true if you live in rural areas. In order to use this feature though, you will need to enable it on your Android or iPhone. WiFi calling suffers from some issues you need to be aware of though. Here are the main ones. Unreliable Coverage – If your home is made out of concrete, traveling room to room on WiFi Calling may cause you to drop calls or cause your phone not to ring. You can fix this issue by purchasing WiFi range extenders in areas with poor coverage Long Audio Delays – there seems to be a longer delay using WiFi Calling Brief silences or dropouts – WiFi calling can create dropouts if you’re constantly moving around, this is caused by your cellphone hopping from the cell network to your …

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Can I charge my phone wirelessly through a non-slip mat?

In some cases yes you can, but there are things you need to consider before purchasing the mat. The matt should be thin (like no more than the thickness of a dime) Your phone should not have a case The matt cannot have any metal between your phone and the charger There are many DIYers out there who are taking advantage of wireless charges to create truly unique custom solutions. One guy even made a desk with a built-in charger underneath it – He slides his phone on his desk over the charger, and boom, here comes power. So using a non-slip matt shouldn’t be an issue as long as you pay attention to the advice above. If you need help with wireless technologies, please check out our page on business consulting.

Is It Okay to Pin an Ethernet Cable If The Other End Is Plugged Into a POE Injector?

Answer: You May Be Able to Get Away With Terminating the Cable While The Other Side Is Plugged In, But We’d Strongly Advised Against It. So the POE standard is supposed to be “negotiated,” which means it doesn’t become powered until both sides agree. BUT… In my field experience, I’ve caused some hardware to fail after terminating cables while still plugged in on accident. It’s just considered best practices to work on unpowered equipment when running cable. This Issue Is Even More of A Concern With POE Equipment The rub comes from the fact that the cable just has way more potential energy compared to unpowered CAT cables, it’s kinda like walking around with a loaded weapon in your pocket – best to take out the bullets, right? If you accidentally cross the wires and create a short, say goodbye to the fused input and possibly even damage the networking gear. If you need some assistance terminating POE equipment Cellar Door Solutions can help

Can I Use a Grounded Patch Panel for POE Connections?

Absolutely – In fact, using a grounded patch panel is required by the NEC Grounding the frame of your patch panel is considered industry best practice, but the correct term would be “bonding,” which means that the metal is bonded (in direct contact) with the grounding conductor (the green or bare copper wire). The National Electric Code Handbook states that the metal patch panel should be bonded in article 250.134 Grounding is actually really important in electronics because it creates a reference ground between all of the electrical components and POE cabling is no exception. Now Here Comes the “But” Part. So the POE shielding (the outside layer) should be grounded, but the internal conductors of the POE cable system ground should be left floating (which means not grounded between the ends). The reasoning for this is quite complicated, but as an installer, all you need to know is that the POE internal conductors should be left floating, and the sheet should be grounded If you need help installing some data cable, Cellar Door can help.

Is There Any Adapter To Join Two Ethernet Cables?

Yes, the Adapter Is called an “Ethernet Coupler” but there’s more… Ethernet cables are designed to enable you to connect two types of electronic devices. For instance, you can connect video game systems and computers using the right Ethernet cables. This is an important step, especially when you want to integrate the two devices or to the internet network in your property. If you are one of those individuals who want to know the answer about “Is there any adapter to join two ethernet cables?” you are in the right place. In case that you don’t have enough length of cord to connect your device, we advise you to use an Ethernet coupler. What is an Ethernet Coupler? As we mentioned earlier, Ethernet cables are used in connecting modems, routers, computers, printers, and other peripherals to the Ethernet communications boards and networks. These cables are responsible for carrying and receiving the signals, which are used to transfer a single data through the wide-area or local network. For those who don’t know, an Ethernet coupler is a type of metal or plastic connector. As its name suggests, it can connect two different cables to make it a little bit longer. If you have this computer accessory, you don’t need to expose the Ethernet wirings to slice it into two. How to Use Ethernet Coupler to Connect Ethernet Cables There are only a few simple steps to follow when you decided to connect Ethernet cables with an Ethernet coupler. These are the following: Get …

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NVR vs DVR: Which Security Camera Storage System is Best?

A Network Video Recorder or NVR is a “VCR” like set-top device whose primary purpose is to store surveillance video. Modern NVR’s store video from cameras that utilize traditional internet networks – known as IP cameras. An internet protocol camera (or IP camera) is a digital camera that can transmit and receive data over the internet using either Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet cable. Internet protocol cameras capture images like an ordinary digital camera and compress the data files to transmit over the network. NVR Systems Explained NVR systems store data on external or internal storage devices, like disk drives, flash drives, memory cards. Network Video Recorder is used to record CCTV camera streams 24/7. NVR Vs. DVR Both NVR and DVRs function is to store video, but NVRs are the more modern iteration. As discussed above, NVRs use IP networks (the internet) to transmit and receive data. NVRs typically offer more functionality, like allowing users to log in and view the data remotely. DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the older version of NVR. DVR systems are most common with analog camera systems. Analog cameras are older tech requiring large VHS tapes or hard drives to store the data. They do not usually connect to IP networks, so remote viewing across the internet (or a mobile device) is limited. NVR  Pros • NVR system can record video and audio • Has better Image quality • Flexible system • Better Video Coverage • Can use cable or wireless • Uses …

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Why Are There So Many Website Virus Alert Pop Ups?

Answer: You May Have A Virus So I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but you most likely are the victim of a malware attack. One of the most common manifestations of malware is them actually taking the form of a “antivirus” pop-up that scares you into purchasing a fake program to “delete” the malware only to be victimized again in the future. Of course, if you happen to get a pop-up every once in a while, or get some spam in your email, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you’re getting these popups every website you visit, especially reputable ones like or Wikipedia, you need to properly clean your computer. I would suggest sending it to a reputable PC repair technician. At Cellar Door, we offer these services but there are many other technicians too.

Do I Need a Modem or an Ethernet Installed in My Home?

Answer: You Actually Need Both, But Both Ethernet and Modems are Often Bundled Together Back in the day, the ISP would come and install a cable modem to deliver you internet. You would then have to purchase a router to connect to that modem. Fortunately, for many residential users, the cable company provides a bundled device that brings in the internet and then outputs an ethernet jack so that you can connect your devices directly to the modem/router. They even provide you WiFi. There are some downsides though, the features on the router they give you are pretty limited, and power users often purchase their owner routers and then ask the cable company to set up the modem in “bridge mode.” Regardless, if you decide to purchase internet in the vast majority of cases the ISP provides all of the necessary equipment. Cellar Door solutions can help with your cabling installation needs

What Ethernet Cable to Buy for 4k Video?

Answer: You Will Need a CAT6 Ethernet Cable It’s possible to use the older, cheaper little brother to CAT6 – Cat5E, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Uncompressed 4K video requires a whopping 12 Gbits of data per second. That is astronomical. Fortunately, modern-day compression techniques can whittle down that number an order of magnitude. Cat6 cable is only a few dollars more than Cat5e and it offers quite a bit more shielding and anti-crosstalk features. You’ll also be future-proofing your home theatre setup (or wherever you plan on watching a 4k video) so that you’ll be good when you decide to start watching an 8K video. One word of caution though, the cable is only a small part of the equation when it comes to data speeds. The other hardware like your modem, router, switches, and ethernet cards, all need to be upgraded to Gbit or higher

I Need to Transmit From a Tower 500 Feet to My House to Get Internet What do I Need?

Answer: You Will Need a Point to Point Link Between the Tower and Your House. Fortunately, there are quite a few different products out there that can solve your problem. My personal favorite is a company called Ubiquiti. They’re well known in the wireless world for providing reliable hardware at cheap prices. Their product line AirMax is specifically tailored for you. The AirMax PowerBeam AC may be your best bet. In your case, you will need two of them. The point on the tower will require a POE injector to power the airMax device as well as the one mounted to your home. Fortunately, that comes standard with the airMax line. You may need some mounting hardware, too, so that you can permanently mount the Power beam device to the structures. So to summarize: (2) airMax PowerBeam ACs 2 POE injectors (included) Mounting hardware Cat5e or 6 ethernet cables I also assume that you have an internet switch or other networking hardware to connect to the antennas for connectivity. You also will need a direct line of sight between the points (no trees, mountains, or homes between the antennas). These devices act as a “bridge” between the two points; nothing more. You will still need the appropriate hardware to connect up the devices you plan to connect on both sides of the link. Just imagine this setup as a super long ethernet cable 🙂 There is a great guide to walk you through the setup process, which is pretty simple …

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If I have to turn off my WIFI for an hour or so then back on will I have to reset the unit?

Answer: No, you should not have to reset the unit to re-enable your WiFi. However, I have had issues in the past with routers and modems not wanting to “sync” correctly. In that case, you want to power cycle both devices by first turning the cable modem on first and waiting for it to fully boot and connect to the internet. Once that has occurred you will then turn on your router and wait for it to fully boot. Once that has occurred you should be able to connect to the internet.

I Am Not Getting Emails and the Internet is Saying IPAD Not Connected to the Server

Here’s What Your Problem Is This is most likely related to an issue with your network, most likely your WiFi Router. There are two things that it could be and I will tell how to solve each one. 1) Your Wireless Router Has Lost Connection to the Internet If your iPad’s WiFi Symbol in the top right corner of the screen is still showing connectivity, then your router has lost connection to the internet. Go look at the internet modem (the device your cable company or ISP gave you) and check to see if it’s connected. Normally, if the LED lights are steadily flashing then your cable modem has lost connection. If that’s the case, you need to power cycle your cable modem by unplugging the modem and waiting 30 seconds to plug it back in. If it still is not working, you need to get in touch with your cable company as soon as possible. 2) Your Device Isn’t receiving a WiFi Signal. If your iPad’s WiFi symbol in the top right corner of the screen IS NOT connected to the internet then there is something wrong with the connection between your iPad and the router. You need to try things in this order Make sure you have WiFi TURNED ON on your iPad, You can do this in your Settings tab under the Connections Menu Power cycle your WiFi router by unplugging it and plugging it back in. This fixes the problem in some cases. What If It’s …

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What Is WiFi 6e?

What Is WiFi 6e? WiFi6e is the big brother of WiFi6, which is a wireless standard known as 802.11ax that the IEEE standards committee and the WiFi Alliance recently ratified. WiFi 6 debuted in 2019, which brought multiple cutting-edge RF technologies like MIMO and OFDMA. Not only did it make the network faster, but it also allowed for more connected devices to be on the same router without any delays. WiFi 6e brings all of the new technologies of WiFi6 and superimposes them on previously unused “virgin” 6ghz spectrum. Because this spectrum is free of interference from legacy hardware (and your pesky neighbor’s WiFi), WiFi6e will run at blazing speeds. At almost 1 GHz in size, the 6GHz spectrum WiFi6e will be licensed to use one of the largest frequency bands available to the consumer. This spectrum quadruples the available bandwidth, which will reduce interference and increase speeds for anyone who has WiFi6e cable equipment. There are some downsides; WiFi 6e operates at frequencies close to the mmWave, so the data is the best for close-range connections. For example, if two or more devices in the same room want to send data at fast speeds, WiFi6e is the perfect fit. The shorter coverage area of WiFi6e may seem like a disadvantage; it works very well in dense environments such as a restaurant or apartment complex.  Which means you won’t need to fight your neighbor for the same limited bandwidth space. Instead, there’s a lot of bandwidth available for everyone to …

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Step By Step WordPress Installation With Free SSL in 5 Minutes

Seriously, I wish someone told me about this earlier. I’ve spent hours bashing my head in while logged into Putty installing LAMP servers, setting up SQL databases, writing down database passwords, and just suffering through the pain of poorly documented VPS hosting forums. And after installation, I have to suffer through Certbot’s finicky requirements, Cronjobs, and the ensuing SSL errors. I know, I signed up for this. I’m a Sysadmin, it’s what I signed up for right? Sure, I’m a bit of a masochist – most sysadmins are – but there has to be an easier way right? Well, yes, in fact, there is. I’m going to show you my workflow to install WordPress on a VPN server in less than 5 minutes. And yes, I know, that the “whole 5 minute” thing is overhyped and overdone…. But it literally only takes 5 minutes. Step 1: Purchase a VPS server that has at least 1 GIG of RAM, has Ubuntu 18.04 LTS The script I use requires Docker, and Docker requires at minimum (at least in this instance) 1 gig of RAM. Anything less and you’re gonna run into errors. The script can use Ubuntu 16.04 and other Debian flavors, but I’ve run into errors with the other operating systems. Don’t fix what’s not broke right? Step 2: Forward Your DNS to the Server IP of the VPS It takes a few minutes for DNS to propagate, and LetsEncrypt is notoriously slow, so better do this first. Step 3: Login …

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Do You Need to Ground Your Computer?

Do You Need to Ground Your Computer? Grounding is essential with anything related to electricity that has been required for electrical projects since the 1960s. But there are some cases where there is no ground available like old homes or businesses. So, what risk are you taking by using an ungrounded outlet when using a computer? Why should you ground your computer? For starters, grounding protects you from electrocution. Failed power supplies and poorly connected wires can pose a risk to you if they happen in an ungrounded computer case.  By grounding your equipment, if a live wire is dangling your case or a power supply shorts, grounding will provide a path for it to trip your breaker. Grounding is critical if you find yourself fishing wire behind your computer case often (like I do). The cables behind your computer can pose an electrocution risk if their ends are frayed or failing, which grounding can protect you from. Additionally, a proper surge protector requires proper grounding to work correctly. If your home experiences a power surge, the surge protector cannot do its job adequately without the use of suitable grounding. Also, grounding protects your computer’s components from electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is a severe concern for anything electronics related, and you can quickly fry electronic components on ungrounded surfaces. Finally, grounding establishes a proper (ground truth) that the computer’s logic relies on to make calculations and decisions. Grounding your computer So what should you do if you don’t have proper …

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Learn Powerful SEO Strategies in 4 Minutes

Considering the tight competition in the online market, staying on top is indeed a tough challenge. In this post, we will give you a thorough and brief discussion about some powerful SEO strategies to help get your business in front of potential customers. The competition in SEO is fierce. We guarantee your competitors’ budgets in marketing are probably 10-15% of their gross revenue, much of that going to online marketing and SEO strategies Getting to the top in your niche will require time, persistence, and skill. However, it IS POSSIBLE. Cellar Door Solutions offers SEO services that will give your business the chance to succeed. However, if you have the time and resources to dedicate to this venture, we’re going to let you in on some secrets. The following are the most effective SEO strategies to outrank your business and become more competitive. These techniques will help to boost the number of your customers and rank your business on top. Content is King (Your Content Matters) You may often read the quote “Content is King” in content marketing, search engine marketing, and online marketing. And obviously, this makes sense; from the search engine’s perspective, they want their users to find the best content, and the website that offers this content gets rewarded for being higher up in the search results list Your business should have compelling content to attract internet users’ attention. In that case, you should create contents that will bring value to your site visitors.   To improve your …

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When To Take Your Computer to a Technician

When to Take My Computer to A Technician Like other goods and tools, computers are also susceptible to breaking down. They also can pose a severe risk to your well-being when they do fail, from losing business to getting your identity stole. It’s essential to heed the warning signs of computer failure. If you find yourself asking, “when should I take my computer to a technician.?” This article is going to break it down for you. Virus Infection The virus can pose risks to your computer. It can result in many other related problems like slow performance, missing files, shutting down and restarting issues, unexpected popup windows, and more. Viruses can spread quickly through message attachments, email, scam links on social media, and online file downloads. Shady application downloads can also result in severe virus infection. If a virus has infected your computer, don’t hesitate, get it fixed immediately. Malware Malware and virus are in the same category, but there are subtle differences. Malware is a catch-all term that means “malicious software.” On the other hand, a virus is a particular type of malware that tends to self-replicate by inserting its codes into other programs. Malware means malicious software, and this can be any specific piece of software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to your computer or any device. Virus infection can inflict harm in many different ways, not just to data but to people as well. Identity theft is a real threat, and the primary cause …

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How Do You Fix A Computer That Has A Virus?

When it comes to computers, nothing is more annoying than your computer catching a virus. Besides the slow loading and erratic behavior viruses cause, viruses can do real damage to your data and can pose a significant security threat. Viruses can be insidious – especially Trojans – because sometimes they don’t want their presence known. Seeking the help of professionals to address viruses and malware is extremely important to address a virus adequately. What a virus does to your computer? Viruses and malware, in general, are always a security concern. The effects of the virus will still be highly dependent on the exact type and severity of the infections; however, some common effects may happen after a computer infection. Poor computer performance. Viruses can cause your computer to perform poorly and process things significantly more slowly. If you have noticed that your computer is performing slower than usual, a virus may have infected it. Certain Functions may stop. Although cases like these only happen with the worst viruses, they can infect your computer to the point that essential functions may stop working. This is why you must seek a professional if you sense that your computer may have a virus. Viruses are the leading cause of data and privacy issues. Rely on your computer for storing your private information, such as your bank account information, social security number, and other vital data. Viruses have evolved enough to steal your data without a trace, don’t let yourself become a victim Addressing …

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