I Am Not Getting Emails and the Internet is Saying IPAD Not Connected to the Server

Here’s What Your Problem Is

This is most likely related to an issue with your network, most likely your WiFi Router. There are two things that it could be and I will tell how to solve each one.

1) Your Wireless Router Has Lost Connection to the Internet

If your iPad’s WiFi Symbol in the top right corner of the screen is still showing connectivity, then your router has lost connection to the internet. Go look at the internet modem (the device your cable company or ISP gave you) and check to see if it’s connected. Normally, if the LED lights are steadily flashing then your cable modem has lost connection. If that’s the case, you need to power cycle your cable modem by unplugging the modem and waiting 30 seconds to plug it back in. If it still is not working, you need to get in touch with your cable company as soon as possible.

2) Your Device Isn’t receiving a WiFi Signal.

If your iPad’s WiFi symbol in the top right corner of the screen IS NOT connected to the internet then there is something wrong with the connection between your iPad and the router. You need to try things in this order

  • Make sure you have WiFi TURNED ON on your iPad, You can do this in your Settings tab under the Connections Menu
  • Power cycle your WiFi router by unplugging it and plugging it back in. This fixes the problem in some cases.

What If It’s Still Not Working?

In that case, you most likely have a hardware failure related to your equipment and may need further testing. Cellar Door offers networking services if you live in the Tampa Bay area.