What to Do If You Don’t Have Cell Services In Your Home

A user asked this question, “I am in an area that does not receive cell service I have a modem it belongs to my Internet provider then I bought a Wi-Fi router. I still do not have service to use my phone will I need an extender I need to have cell phone service at my home” Answer: You Need to Enable WiFi Calling On Your Phone Wifi Calling is when your phone uses your WiFi network instead of cell towers. In 2021, every US-based carrier offers some version of WiFi calling. WiFi calling is superior in many cases than using a cell network because the signals from WiFi are much closer than a cell tower. This is especially true if you live in rural areas. In order to use this feature though, you will need to enable it on your Android or iPhone. WiFi calling suffers from some issues you need to be aware of though. Here are the main ones. Unreliable Coverage – If your home is made out of concrete, traveling room to room on WiFi Calling may cause you to drop calls or cause your phone not to ring. You can fix this issue by purchasing WiFi range extenders in areas with poor coverage Long Audio Delays – there seems to be a longer delay using WiFi Calling Brief silences or dropouts – WiFi calling can create dropouts if you’re constantly moving around, this is caused by your cellphone hopping from the cell network to your …

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Can I charge my phone wirelessly through a non-slip mat?

In some cases yes you can, but there are things you need to consider before purchasing the mat. The matt should be thin (like no more than the thickness of a dime) Your phone should not have a case The matt cannot have any metal between your phone and the charger There are many DIYers out there who are taking advantage of wireless charges to create truly unique custom solutions. One guy even made a desk with a built-in charger underneath it – He slides his phone on his desk over the charger, and boom, here comes power. So using a non-slip matt shouldn’t be an issue as long as you pay attention to the advice above. If you need help with wireless technologies, please check out our page on business consulting.

Is It Okay to Pin an Ethernet Cable If The Other End Is Plugged Into a POE Injector?

Answer: You May Be Able to Get Away With Terminating the Cable While The Other Side Is Plugged In, But We’d Strongly Advised Against It. So the POE standard is supposed to be “negotiated,” which means it doesn’t become powered until both sides agree. BUT… In my field experience, I’ve caused some hardware to fail after terminating cables while still plugged in on accident. It’s just considered best practices to work on unpowered equipment when running cable. This Issue Is Even More of A Concern With POE Equipment The rub comes from the fact that the cable just has way more potential energy compared to unpowered CAT cables, it’s kinda like walking around with a loaded weapon in your pocket – best to take out the bullets, right? If you accidentally cross the wires and create a short, say goodbye to the fused input and possibly even damage the networking gear. If you need some assistance terminating POE equipment Cellar Door Solutions can help

Why Are There So Many Website Virus Alert Pop Ups?

Answer: You May Have A Virus So I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but you most likely are the victim of a malware attack. One of the most common manifestations of malware is them actually taking the form of a “antivirus” pop-up that scares you into purchasing a fake program to “delete” the malware only to be victimized again in the future. Of course, if you happen to get a pop-up every once in a while, or get some spam in your email, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you’re getting these popups every website you visit, especially reputable ones like Google.com or Wikipedia, you need to properly clean your computer. I would suggest sending it to a reputable PC repair technician. At Cellar Door, we offer these services but there are many other technicians too.

Do I Need a Modem or an Ethernet Installed in My Home?

Answer: You Actually Need Both, But Both Ethernet and Modems are Often Bundled Together Back in the day, the ISP would come and install a cable modem to deliver you internet. You would then have to purchase a router to connect to that modem. Fortunately, for many residential users, the cable company provides a bundled device that brings in the internet and then outputs an ethernet jack so that you can connect your devices directly to the modem/router. They even provide you WiFi. There are some downsides though, the features on the router they give you are pretty limited, and power users often purchase their owner routers and then ask the cable company to set up the modem in “bridge mode.” Regardless, if you decide to purchase internet in the vast majority of cases the ISP provides all of the necessary equipment. Cellar Door solutions can help with your cabling installation needs

What Ethernet Cable to Buy for 4k Video?

Answer: You Will Need a CAT6 Ethernet Cable It’s possible to use the older, cheaper little brother to CAT6 – Cat5E, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Uncompressed 4K video requires a whopping 12 Gbits of data per second. That is astronomical. Fortunately, modern-day compression techniques can whittle down that number an order of magnitude. Cat6 cable is only a few dollars more than Cat5e and it offers quite a bit more shielding and anti-crosstalk features. You’ll also be future-proofing your home theatre setup (or wherever you plan on watching a 4k video) so that you’ll be good when you decide to start watching an 8K video. One word of caution though, the cable is only a small part of the equation when it comes to data speeds. The other hardware like your modem, router, switches, and ethernet cards, all need to be upgraded to Gbit or higher

I Need to Transmit From a Tower 500 Feet to My House to Get Internet What do I Need?

Answer: You Will Need a Point to Point Link Between the Tower and Your House. Fortunately, there are quite a few different products out there that can solve your problem. My personal favorite is a company called Ubiquiti. They’re well known in the wireless world for providing reliable hardware at cheap prices. Their product line AirMax is specifically tailored for you. The AirMax PowerBeam AC may be your best bet. In your case, you will need two of them. The point on the tower will require a POE injector to power the airMax device as well as the one mounted to your home. Fortunately, that comes standard with the airMax line. You may need some mounting hardware, too, so that you can permanently mount the Power beam device to the structures. So to summarize: (2) airMax PowerBeam ACs 2 POE injectors (included) Mounting hardware Cat5e or 6 ethernet cables I also assume that you have an internet switch or other networking hardware to connect to the antennas for connectivity. You also will need a direct line of sight between the points (no trees, mountains, or homes between the antennas). These devices act as a “bridge” between the two points; nothing more. You will still need the appropriate hardware to connect up the devices you plan to connect on both sides of the link. Just imagine this setup as a super long ethernet cable 🙂 There is a great guide to walk you through the setup process, which is pretty simple …

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If I have to turn off my WIFI for an hour or so then back on will I have to reset the unit?

Answer: No, you should not have to reset the unit to re-enable your WiFi. However, I have had issues in the past with routers and modems not wanting to “sync” correctly. In that case, you want to power cycle both devices by first turning the cable modem on first and waiting for it to fully boot and connect to the internet. Once that has occurred you will then turn on your router and wait for it to fully boot. Once that has occurred you should be able to connect to the internet.

I Am Not Getting Emails and the Internet is Saying IPAD Not Connected to the Server

Here’s What Your Problem Is This is most likely related to an issue with your network, most likely your WiFi Router. There are two things that it could be and I will tell how to solve each one. 1) Your Wireless Router Has Lost Connection to the Internet If your iPad’s WiFi Symbol in the top right corner of the screen is still showing connectivity, then your router has lost connection to the internet. Go look at the internet modem (the device your cable company or ISP gave you) and check to see if it’s connected. Normally, if the LED lights are steadily flashing then your cable modem has lost connection. If that’s the case, you need to power cycle your cable modem by unplugging the modem and waiting 30 seconds to plug it back in. If it still is not working, you need to get in touch with your cable company as soon as possible. 2) Your Device Isn’t receiving a WiFi Signal. If your iPad’s WiFi symbol in the top right corner of the screen IS NOT connected to the internet then there is something wrong with the connection between your iPad and the router. You need to try things in this order Make sure you have WiFi TURNED ON on your iPad, You can do this in your Settings tab under the Connections Menu Power cycle your WiFi router by unplugging it and plugging it back in. This fixes the problem in some cases. What If It’s …

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