What to Do If You Don’t Have Cell Services In Your Home

A user asked this question, “I am in an area that does not receive cell service I have a modem it belongs to my Internet provider then I bought a Wi-Fi router. I still do not have service to use my phone will I need an extender I need to have cell phone service at my home”

Answer: You Need to Enable WiFi Calling On Your Phone

Wifi Calling is when your phone uses your WiFi network instead of cell towers. In 2021, every US-based carrier offers some version of WiFi calling. WiFi calling is superior in many cases than using a cell network because the signals from WiFi are much closer than a cell tower. This is especially true if you live in rural areas. In order to use this feature though, you will need to enable it on your Android or iPhone.

WiFi calling suffers from some issues you need to be aware of though. Here are the main ones.

  1. Unreliable Coverage – If your home is made out of concrete, traveling room to room on WiFi Calling may cause you to drop calls or cause your phone not to ring. You can fix this issue by purchasing WiFi range extenders in areas with poor coverage
  2. Long Audio Delays – there seems to be a longer delay using WiFi Calling
  3. Brief silences or dropouts – WiFi calling can create dropouts if you’re constantly moving around, this is caused by your cellphone hopping from the cell network to your WiFi network or from moving from one WiFi access point to the next