Wifi Installation & Management

Cellar Door Solutions Is a Leading Installer of Enterprise WiFi

Tired of the internet cutting out or dropping phone calls when using WIFI calling? We offer seamless enterprise-grade access points that can blanket your building with high quality & high bandwidth internet. There are no more dropped calls, no more poor signals, and no more security holes.

Also, Cellar Door leads the pack by offering the most bleeding-edge hardware available. Hardware that can build on top of your existing network or be created from the ground up. Once you’ve tried it you will never look back.

  • Our service includes the design, installation, and monitoring of an enterprise WiFi network
  • Plans starting as low as $500.00 installed when bundled with a one-year monitoring package
  • Industry Certified Professional installers will offer a design that will maximize connectivity and security
  • We Specialize in High-Density Deployments, so our hardware scales when you need them to.

Phone: (863) 500-8455

Industry Certified Professionals

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