I Need to Transmit From a Tower 500 Feet to My House to Get Internet What do I Need?

Answer: You Will Need a Point to Point Link Between the Tower and Your House.

Fortunately, there are quite a few different products out there that can solve your problem. My personal favorite is a company called Ubiquiti. They’re well known in the wireless world for providing reliable hardware at cheap prices. Their product line AirMax is specifically tailored for you.

The AirMax PowerBeam AC may be your best bet. In your case, you will need two of them. The point on the tower will require a POE injector to power the airMax device as well as the one mounted to your home. Fortunately, that comes standard with the airMax line. You may need some mounting hardware, too, so that you can permanently mount the Power beam device to the structures. So to summarize:

  • (2) airMax PowerBeam ACs
  • 2 POE injectors (included)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Cat5e or 6 ethernet cables

I also assume that you have an internet switch or other networking hardware to connect to the antennas for connectivity. You also will need a direct line of sight between the points (no trees, mountains, or homes between the antennas). These devices act as a “bridge” between the two points; nothing more. You will still need the appropriate hardware to connect up the devices you plan to connect on both sides of the link. Just imagine this setup as a super long ethernet cable 🙂

There is a great guide to walk you through the setup process, which is pretty simple if you have a smartphone.