Why Should You Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Lakeland, FL

Benefits of Hiring an Unlimited Electrical Contractor in Lakeland, FL

As an unlimited electrical contractor in Lakeland, FL; Cellar Door Solutions can install, maintain, alter, or repair any electrical equipment, control system, alarm system, or device that is attached to any building and includes the bidding and contracting for such work. We are certified and insured.

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A well equipped and professional licensed electrical contractor with the knowledge and skills can deal with any electrical problem. As a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Lakeland, FL Cellar Door Solutions agents have undergone intensive training. Under training our technicians are taught the proper installation, repair and maintenance of electrical tasks. When working with Cellar Door, you are guaranteed a job well done.


Going for just any other electrician to save a few bucks isn’t recommended. This is because you are likely to compromise the service you receive. Furthermore, you might also be compromising the safety of your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Even though hiring professional electrical contractors can be more expensive, you should never compromise on safety and quality work. Professional will always offer you value for your money. Furthermore,  many electrical contractors offer a warranty for their services.


Reliability simply means that you can be sure that the installed electrical systems will run effectively for a long time as they were designed to do. Professional contractors are trained in installing, handling ,and maintaining such electric systems ,thus ensuring that they run effectively.


In the state of Florida, the building owner is required to have a licensed electrical contractor do the installation of any standard wiring, electrical and even low voltage data cables. If you decide to do the work yourself, you could waive the protection of your insurance company. In some cases, the liability can be criminal, which can result in the unlicensed contractor doing jail time. This is an unnecessary risk that can leave you, the owner, becoming exposed to financial loses and delays.

“If you hire an unlicensed individual that can threaten the financial and personal safety of consumers, as well as the livelihood of state-licensed professionals. Unlicensed individuals may not carry workers’ compensation or liability insurance, and consumers may end up paying for injuries on the job. Additionally, unlicensed individuals often underbid licensed professionals, which results in law-abiding professionals losing work to those who do not meet state licensure requirements.”

Electrical Council of Florida

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Cellar Door is a licensed and insured Electrical contractor, certified to do structured cabling installation please reach out for a free quote