Can I Use a Grounded Patch Panel for POE Connections?

Absolutely – In fact, using a grounded patch panel is required by the NEC Grounding the frame of your patch panel is considered industry best practice, but the correct term would be “bonding,” which means that the metal is bonded (in direct contact) with the grounding conductor (the green or bare copper wire). The National Electric Code Handbook states that the metal patch panel should be bonded in article 250.134 Grounding is actually really important in electronics because it creates a reference ground between all of the electrical components and POE cabling is no exception. Now Here Comes the “But” Part. So the POE shielding (the outside layer) should be grounded, but the internal conductors of the POE cable system ground should be left floating (which means not grounded between the ends). The reasoning for this is quite complicated, but as an installer, all you need to know is that the POE internal conductors should be left floating, and the sheet should be grounded If you need help installing some data cable, Cellar Door can help.

Is There Any Adapter To Join Two Ethernet Cables?

Yes, the Adapter Is called an “Ethernet Coupler” but there’s more… Ethernet cables are designed to enable you to connect two types of electronic devices. For instance, you can connect video game systems and computers using the right Ethernet cables. This is an important step, especially when you want to integrate the two devices or to the internet network in your property. If you are one of those individuals who want to know the answer about “Is there any adapter to join two ethernet cables?” you are in the right place. In case that you don’t have enough length of cord to connect your device, we advise you to use an Ethernet coupler. What is an Ethernet Coupler? As we mentioned earlier, Ethernet cables are used in connecting modems, routers, computers, printers, and other peripherals to the Ethernet communications boards and networks. These cables are responsible for carrying and receiving the signals, which are used to transfer a single data through the wide-area or local network. For those who don’t know, an Ethernet coupler is a type of metal or plastic connector. As its name suggests, it can connect two different cables to make it a little bit longer. If you have this computer accessory, you don’t need to expose the Ethernet wirings to slice it into two. How to Use Ethernet Coupler to Connect Ethernet Cables There are only a few simple steps to follow when you decided to connect Ethernet cables with an Ethernet coupler. These are the following: Get …

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Do You Need to Ground Your Computer?

Do You Need to Ground Your Computer? Grounding is essential with anything related to electricity that has been required for electrical projects since the 1960s. But there are some cases where there is no ground available like old homes or businesses. So, what risk are you taking by using an ungrounded outlet when using a computer? Why should you ground your computer? For starters, grounding protects you from electrocution. Failed power supplies and poorly connected wires can pose a risk to you if they happen in an ungrounded computer case.  By grounding your equipment, if a live wire is dangling your case or a power supply shorts, grounding will provide a path for it to trip your breaker. Grounding is critical if you find yourself fishing wire behind your computer case often (like I do). The cables behind your computer can pose an electrocution risk if their ends are frayed or failing, which grounding can protect you from. Additionally, a proper surge protector requires proper grounding to work correctly. If your home experiences a power surge, the surge protector cannot do its job adequately without the use of suitable grounding. Also, grounding protects your computer’s components from electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is a severe concern for anything electronics related, and you can quickly fry electronic components on ungrounded surfaces. Finally, grounding establishes a proper (ground truth) that the computer’s logic relies on to make calculations and decisions. Grounding your computer So what should you do if you don’t have proper …

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Why Should You Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Lakeland, FL

Benefits of Hiring an Unlimited Electrical Contractor in Lakeland, FL As an unlimited electrical contractor in Lakeland, FL; Cellar Door Solutions can install, maintain, alter, or repair any electrical equipment, control system, alarm system, or device that is attached to any building and includes the bidding and contracting for such work. We are certified and insured. Excellent Job A well equipped and professional licensed electrical contractor with the knowledge and skills can deal with any electrical problem. As a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Lakeland, FL Cellar Door Solutions agents have undergone intensive training. Under training our technicians are taught the proper installation, repair and maintenance of electrical tasks. When working with Cellar Door, you are guaranteed a job well done. Safety Going for just any other electrician to save a few bucks isn’t recommended. This is because you are likely to compromise the service you receive. Furthermore, you might also be compromising the safety of your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Even though hiring professional electrical contractors can be more expensive, you should never compromise on safety and quality work. Professional will always offer you value for your money. Furthermore,  many electrical contractors offer a warranty for their services. Reliability Reliability simply means that you can be sure that the installed electrical systems will run effectively for a long time as they were designed to do. Professional contractors are trained in installing, handling ,and maintaining such electric systems ,thus ensuring that they run effectively. Liability In the state of Florida, the …

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Structured Cabling: A Quick Rundown

Structured Cabling: What is it? Structured cabling is all the communication wires that run throughout a building. Different systems can use these wires within the building. For example, a fire alarm system and all its related wiring may be a subsystem of the structured cabling of a building. Another subsystem could be the Networking cables that connect all the computers together to provide the internet. In each building, including homes,  many systems that work together to provide you with the comforts of modern living. They operate quietly and, in the background, but are integral to our daily lives. In this article we are going to go over the different types of cables used in Structured cabling, the electrical codes involved, and some best practices used if you decide to tackle this on your own. Different types of cable: Phone cable (RJ-11): As a structured cabling installer, you will often run into this RJ11 wire when installing newer cabling. This type of cable is used for the old phone systems. However, this cable is usually avoided in newer installations because it simply doesn’t allow enough bandwidth for modern installations. It also isn’t compatible with modern Ethernet switches. Ethernet (Cat-5, CAT-5E, CAT-6): Ethernet cable is the king of all structured cabling wire types and standards. Almost all switches use these types of cables in modern data centers. There are three different types of cable, CAT5, CAT5E, and CAT6. One of the biggest differences you will notice is the amount of bandwidth each …

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