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Security Camera Installation Tips

If you want to protect the things you value, the best way is to keep a close eye on it. Using a Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) is the most effective method of surveillance because it allows you to safeguard your home, business, and the people you love.

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Video is the use of video cameras to transmit a digital/analog signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. The recorded video feed can be viewed in real-time or saved for later screening by installing digital Video Recorders (DVRs).

Benefits of CCTV camera:

The use of CCTV cameras has exploded in recent times. Accessing your camera has never been easier, you can simply pull your phone out of your pocket from anywhere you have cell service and watch what your camera is monitoring.

Here are a few facts about CCTV:

The main objective of a CCTV camera is that it prevents crime. Having a camera in place has proven to reduce crime by 90%. Criminals do not like being watched. Historically monitoring activities used to be difficult. The cameras were unwieldy, expensive, and large. But today cameras can be installed quickly, without cables and cheaply. CCTV Cameras on the business side saves you money. It motivates the workers and improves their efficiency. It also identifies which ones may be spending too much time gazing at their phones and can help provide valuable evidence for workplace incidents.
In the criminal realm, CCTV has revolutionized police work. Solving a crime used to take weeks but now if the crime was committed in front of a camera, finding the perpetrator can be done quickly.
Different types of Systems and Software:

Camera types

Dome CCTV: For indoor use, designed to make the camera unobtrusive.
Bullet Camera: Used to get a long-distance view.
C-mount Camera: Have detachable lenses to cover more distance.
Day/Night: For outdoor to capture varying light conditions.
Infrared Night Vision: To see the image in pitch black conditions.
IP Based Camera: Can be wireless or hardwired, transmit images over the web.
Wireless camera: Gives the extreme flexibility in installation, not all wireless camera are IP based.
High Definition Camera: Where image quality matters and need to zoom in.

Places to mount CCTV cameras:

The location and position play a prominent role in the range of security. The right location gives good results whether it is on the premises of your house or organization.

Entrance and exits: They should be mount at the high range of the exit and entry doors.
Reception desk: It is a must to have it up here. They can also be mounted in clocks or wall painting.
Warehouses: Having a CCTV camera here gives you control over the stock, and to keep an eye on if anyone slips out of their intention.
Parking lots: It is to monitor the safety of cars and unusual theft entries.
Cash counter: To keep an eye on customers close to the counter and the cashier himself.
Loading docks: This location is notorious for the change in deliveries and spots for theft.

Insurance rates and reduction of crime and theft by CCTV:

Having the CCTV camera in your business primarily makes your organization less prone to crime. This results in your business being seen as less of a crime target. Insurance companies love this because you are less likely to file a claim which results in cheaper premiums for you. When the request for your insurance is delayed, the CCTV video will serve as proof that the insurance check will process your payment. In addition, videos of all events in your region will help to avoid unapproved insurance claims on your business.

A collective data in ‘New Scientist’ magazine showed that simply installing a system can reduce crime, in the areas covered, by over 95%.

A study conducted by the Home Office Research Group in the UK and North America, consisting of a pool of 22 evaluations resulted in a drop in crime rates by installing CCTV cameras at various places. The drops in crime are as follows:

Baltimore: 17%

New York City Housing Projects: 36%

Philadelphia: 37%

The New York Police Department reported a 30 percent drop in crime in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx after CCTV camera installation.

A small act of installation can improve your sense of security in millions of ways and leave you with a healthy and safe environment to be in.

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