How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Computer?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “how much does it cost to fix my computer?” And unfortunately, the answer is that it depends.
We know how frustrating having a broken computer is, and it always seems to die at the worst time – usually right before a big project is due or when your kids need to do some homework. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of prices that are the “going rate” for everyday PC problems.
These costs can vary from a simple virus issue (about $100) to 300+ dollars for a screen replacement.
Typically speaking, if it’s a software issue, the price will be lower than if it’s hardware related. Physical damage requires parts ordered and shipped from the manufacturer, causing delays and increasing costs. To give you a rough idea of how much you will pay for a specific computer issue, check out the table below:

Type of Computer ProblemPrice Range
Data Recovery$99-1000+
Keyboard Replacement$80-$195
Laptop Screen Replacement$125-230+
RAM/Memory Upgrade$50-150+
Software Repair$40-150
SSD Upgrade$150-350+
Fan Replacement/Repair$99-175
Hard Drive Replacement$100-225
Motherboard Replacement$150-250+
Liquid Damage Repair$99-200+
Power Jack Repair$100-200
Virus Removal$50-100
Software Installation$10-20
Operating System Formatting$100+
Price List for Computer Repair

These Prices Are for Lakeland & Tampa Bay Areas And May Be Different in Your Area

Price Factors

Other factors that can influence price are:


The rate for repair technicians with high skill levels to fix a computer may be higher in large cities. These technicians are in higher demand in urban areas too, so expect to fork over additional money if you’re located in one.

Technician’s Skills

When it comes to determining the repair price, professional skills and experience also play a factor. There is a wide skill gap between the rookie technician and a tenured one and their pricing is scaled accordingly.

Travel Fees

In case the technician comes to your house, the cost is more expensive than bringing your computer to the repair shop. Aside from the travel time, the cost also covers the fuel.

Hourly Fees vs. Flat Rate

Some computer repair shops charge an hourly fee, while others have a flat rate. You may find a flat rate to be unreasonably high, but you cannot underestimate how extensive the repair service is.

Common Computer Problems and Repair Costs

The average computer’s life span is about 3-5 years, although this length has been steadily increasing. If your computer’s age is past 5 years, the likelihood of failure will be increased. With newer units, the repair issues are minimized, but can still occur. Fortunately, many reputable manufacturers have 1 year parts and labor warranties to accommodate those rare failures.

Data Recovery – $99-100+

The data recovery price varies widely. If your computer requires only a simple data transfer, the cost could be $99. However, if it requires a hard drive recovery with damaged heads, the repair could cost $2000.

Repairs that involve simple data transfers, dead machine data recovery, etc., may cost $50-150. If your computer issue includes software recoveries to fix deleted files and corrupted partitions and recover bad sectors, the cost somewhere between $250-500. As for data recoveries due to faulty hardware, including un-mountable drives, dropped hard drives, or clicking drives, the cost is between $500-5000.

Keyboard Replacement – $80-195

Cheap keyboards are easy to replace, while others like Mac Pro needs a special tool for every key and a complete machine disassembly. For PC keyboard replacement, the cost is around $80-120. Mac keyboard replacement cost varies by model.

Laptop Screen Replacement – $125-230+

While replacing laptop screen is quite simple, some laptops require specialty screens. For regular screens, the cost can be $125 for ultrabook or netbook with 10.1” and 11.6 screens. For standard screen, the cost is $175-195 for a 17.3” screen replacements for Macbook Retina, MacBook Pro, etc. tend to be a little more expensive.

RAM/Memory Upgrade – $50-150+

A memory upgrade depends on how much you want and how much your computer have. Most of the time, you need to add $50-150+ labor onto the RAM cost. Some computers have easy to access RAM slots, while others require complete disassembling.

Software Repair – $40-150

While fixing a software bug is a quick and easy process, other times, you need to back up the data along with complete factory re-installation. With factory re-installation, you can speed up the computer. Mind that the process takes more time and more invasive.

SSD Upgrade – 150-350+

An SSD upgrade cost depends on the SDD size your need and whether or not you want to save data. The costs are typically between $100-200 labor along with SSD cost. Keep in mind that the more space you need, the more money you need to spend.

Fan Replacement/Repair – $99-175

Since computer fans easily get clogged, they require regular clean up. When you need to replace them, you often need to pay for the labor, which is about $5-35. However, a complex fan replacement or repair costs $99-175.

Hard Drive Replacement – $100-225

The cost of replacing a hard drive largely depends on the hard drive you need. If you need a 320GB refurbished HDD, the cost is $10, along with a $90 re-installation fee. As for 1TB Samsung EVO SDD, the cost could run up to $400 plus the $199 labor. On the other hand, most hard drive replacement costs range between $150-225, including both the parts and labor.

Motherboard Replacement – $150-250+

The most expensive computer part is the part, ranging $25-200+. For regular desktops and laptops, the cost is somewhere between $30-150. As for Macs and higher-end computers, you will need $200-600 motherboards. In case you spent $800 on your computer, the board tends to be more reasonably priced. However, if your spend between $1500-2000 on your computer, you will get a nice motherboard. As for the labor, you need to add $100-200.

Liquid Damage Repair – $99-200+

The fee for fixing liquid damage depends on the severity of the damage. If your computer has less corrosion, the cost could be $99. However, if the machine is thoroughly corroded, the fee could be $250+. Mind that the repair cost all depends on how much damage the liquid caused inside.

Power Jack Repair – $100-200

The costs for power jack repairs depend on whether it is on a harness or a soldering job. The difficulty level of dismantling the computer and power jack accessibility also affect the price range. If re-soldering is required, factors like the level of complexity, heat-sensitive components presence, and surrounding board look need to be considered. Most of the time, the labor cost depends on the majority of the power jack replacement cost.

Virus Removal – $50-100

If your computer has trojan, worm, virus, malware, or adware, they can be removed even without the need to lose your data. A virus removal typically costs $99 since the process is very straightforward. Be aware that viruses cannot be removed 100% guaranteed. That is why a factory re-installation is essential to ensure that viruses will never come back completely.

Software Installation – 10-20

Some computers require software installation, and if you cannot do it by yourself, a professional technician will help you. This issue typically costs $10-20 per installation.

Operating System Formatting – $100+

In case you want a fresh start, installation a new operating system would help. It will help you make everything on your computer run smoothly once again. This service typically costs $100 or above. After installation, the technician will backup and restore your documents and other data.

Computer repair issues can be frustrating to hear. However, as long as you know where to seek help and how much money you will need, you can handle everything with ease. With the above ideas, we hope that you know what to do the next time you encounter computer issues.

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