Technology Consulting

Cellar Door Solutions: We Install Structured & Other Data Cabling

If you are setting up a new business, you will come across a variety of challenges. We know how difficult starting up a company can be. The last thing you should be worrying about is the technology that is going to help you generate sales. That’s where we come in. The people at Cellar Door Solutions have a combined 30 years of experience. By letting us help you with your technology consulting needs, we can get your company to thru the doors of profitability fast.

Here is a list of some of the services that we offer:

Networking and Structured Cabling (the wires that connect everything)

Although we think of the data that makes our computers run as this mystic ether that wisps through the air, all of it needs to run over wires and over increasingly crowed radiowaves. We specialize in the physical cabling that makes this all possible.


We will be able to install the Wi-Fi routers accordingly so that you get maximum coverage at every corner of your business place. We also take appropriate measures to ensure the protection of your Wi-Fi network, so that an external entity cannot log into your Wi-Fi network without your permission.

Computer Deployment

We will take care of the process of setting up computers at your workplace as well. After configuring the computers, we will install appropriate applications accordingly, so that the people who use them will be able to get their work done without any hassle.

Email configuration

We can create email accounts for all the employees under your domain. Then the credentials will be shared along with them. The employees just need to use those credentials and log into their mailboxes. Email clients will also be installed on the computers.

Point of Sale Systems

To provide a better experience to the customers, you will come across the need to get Point of Sale systems installed at the business place. We will help you to install them. Upon the installation of POS systems, it is important to configure it accordingly. For example, you should upload the inventory and customize the templates of the receipts. It will be one of the primary systems that can help you with day to day business operations. We can help you with that and you don’t need to worry about anything. We will also provide you with training on how to use the POS system.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

When the power goes out you should have to. In order to keep your business up and running, you need to have an uninterruptible power supply. These devices work by providing backup emergency power to your computers, telephone systems, and network equipment so that you can finish your work and power down without data loss.

Surge protection

Surge protectors are in a position to provide enhanced protection to your expensive electrical appliances from damage caused by lightning. When it is raining outside, you cannot simply stop your business operations. However, you will come across the need to provide protection to your expensive electrical appliances from the damage caused by lightning as well. That’s where surge protection services offered by us can help you with.

As you can see, we are in a position to provide great assistance to you by configuring many different aspects of your business.

With the assistance that we offer, you don’t need to worry about any technical challenges that your business will come across. You will be able to get reliable systems up and running from the very first day of the business operations. On the other hand, you will also be able to get excellent assistance in setting them up. Therefore, you can focus on the other aspects of the business, which can help you to start with solid operations.