The Future of WISP’s

The Future of Wireless Internet Service Provider Splash Image

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) is becoming the new go-to for giving high-speed internet in a fixed location. Using wireless systems that are either in place already, or rapidly deployable, the internet is wireless provided to a home, business, school, or other stationary location. These internet services have been popping up around the world but have a heavy focus on areas where traditional internet service providers deem not cost-effective. The Technology Behind Wireless Internet Service Providers Several technologies are used to make WISP a possibility. The most well-known of those being wireless mesh networks that use traditional 2.4 or 5 GHz frequencies. Other companies use proprietary or specialized equipment to create a wireless network in the area that they service. In general, a WISP will order a reliable internet connection installed to a central point in their intended service area. More commonly this is done by having a fiber optic line run to the service area. Then multiple lines will be run from that initial line to high points in the area to start the initial wireless signal. A regular area to find wireless points for WISPs is on top of radio towers or tall buildings. After the installation of  WISP, they will install a number of repeaters that are intended to propagate the signal throughout the area that they intend to provide internet. To receive the internet at your location you will need a specialized receiver installed. These receivers convert the wireless signal from the network to an internet …

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