Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is all the communication wires that run throughout a building. Check out our blog post called Structured Cabling: A Quick Rundown on what structured cabling is. On this page we wanted to give you a quick rundown on our services.

If you need Ethernet brought or extended throughout your building give us a call. If you need another cable drop for a CATV line, give us a call. If you need us to troubleshoot a transmission cable, were here for you.

Here’s why you should choose us. Cellar Door Solutions is a licensed Electrical Contractor, which means that we’ve been vetted by the state of Florida. We are highly trained, with decades of experience behind us, and are certified installers. We are licensed, insured and stand by our work. If you want us to give you a quote please call or fill out our contact form.

We are a licensed & Insured Electrical Contractor

License #: EC13009146